About Denim Pocketbooks

All pocketbooks are created from recycled jeans – recycling at it’s best.  Each pocketbook is unique and expertly handmade with attention to detail and craftsmanship.  All pocketbooks are lined and zippered and have an interior pocket.  Most linings are also created from recycled clothing.  Jeans pocketbooks are wonderful to carry: phone goes in one pocket, grocery list in back pocket, keys can clip to a belt loop, sunglasses in another pocket. The look can be changed to suit a mood, season, interest or outfit by changing the belt, adding a charm or pin, or adding a handkerchief.  (See pocketbook accessories.)  Pocketbooks are washable; just turn inside out and wash in cold water on gentle cycle.  You will get compliments every where you go!

Shipping: $6:00 for entire order in the United States, $8.00 for Canada